Improved communication leads to performance excellence.

CNA is excited to announce our new partnership with MindForge, a powerful communication and educational platform.

Developed with the help of industry leaders, MindForge allows you to establish a communication network with your field personnel and put just-in-time information and education in the palm of their hand. With efficient knowledge sharing across all crews, you will save time, increase your work quality, and empower your workforce to stay safe.

What is MindForge?

In a time where face to face communication has become increasingly tricky, utilizing the MindForge platform allows us to heighten project quality between teams while minimizing the amount of time spent on training or in-person updates. This way, we can continue to prioritize our members’ safety and security while ensuring that they have the most relevant and up-to-date training, educational content, and jobsite updates. 

Build a Network

Deliver On-Demand Education

Get started for as little as $800.

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