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Backing Techniques: Driver Training Series

Provided by: JJ Keller
• 22 Minutes
• Closed Captioned

Backing counts as a tiny percentage of a driver’s driving time. But, the most common, and sometimes most costly, crashes or incidents in trucking involve backing. Backing incidents don’t just damage trailers, buildings, and other equipment; sometimes, they’re fatal.

The Backing Techniques: JJ Keller designed the Driver Training Series to help reduce the number of backing accidents by teaching drivers how to recognize the dangers of backing and provide expert-level backing procedures. It covers the proper procedures for each backing maneuver, including straight-line, alley dock, sight-side jackknife, blind-side jackknife backing, and parallel parking.

After completing this program, students will be able to:

  1. Recognize the dangers of backing
  2. Recall general backing guidelines
  3. Apply good backing techniques and appropriate backing maneuvers based on the situation
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