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Cargo Securement for Flatbeds

Provided by: JJ Keller
• 25 -30 Minutes
• Closed Captioned

The Cargo Securement for Flatbeds course by JJ Keller is designed to help drivers understand flatbed cargo loading and the flatbed cargo securement process. This program will help to clarify the rules for carriers and drivers so you can avoid citations and fines from being out of compliance, and helps reduce time spent on roadside inspections (or worse, being placed out of service).


The program also addresses CSA implications of cargo securement violations to help carriers and drivers reduce cargo securement violations that will be placed into the Safety Measurement System (SMS) and help you and your driver achieve low BASIC scores.


To help reduce crashes, injuries, loss of life, cargo damage, damage to vehicles and other property, insurance rates and other costs, Cargo Securement Flatbeds covers cargo securement best practices and personal safety, and reinforces that the regulations are the minimum requirements that need to be met.

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