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Course Title

Hazmat: General Awareness

Provided by: JJ Keller
• 25 Minutes
• Closed Captioned

The Hazmat: General Awareness Training is designed to familiarize you with the HMR to help you work safely around hazmat. It helps you meet the General Awareness training requirement.

After taking this course workers should understand: 

  1. Identify the required training all hazmat employees must receive
  2. Determine if a material is hazardous
  3. Recognize the hazard classes and divisions used to identify hazardous materials
  4. Recall what makes a material a hazardous substance, hazardous waste, marine pollutant, or elevated-temperature material
  5. Communicate a material’s hazards through the use of shipping papers, markings, labels, and placards indicate the importance of the Hazmat Table
Credits Needed



English, Spanish

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Mobile & Desktop

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