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Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation

Provided by: JJ Keller
• 22 – 27 Minutes
• Closed Captioned

This JJ Keller course on “Motorized Pallet Jacks: Safe Operation” will help your motorized pallet jack operators understand the similarities and differences between the two most common types of motorized pallet jacks: “walkies” and “walkie-riders.” It also provides an overview of the basic functions and controls common to most pallet jacks and explains the valuable information found on the data plate such as the pallet jack’s weight and maximum load capacity.

The heart of the video is in the practical approach it takes to demonstrate safe operating procedures for every step of a typical day’s work for a motorized pallet jack. This includes tips for performing a pre-use inspection, how to safely pick up and travel with a load, and requirements for parking a pallet jack and shutdown procedures for the end of the day.

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