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Every Thursday at 12pm EST we host a live demo where you’ll discover how the MindForge platform can help you deliver high quality work, on time, and on budget.

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Here's what we'll cover.

Why MindForge?

We built MindForge because we believe that there’s a better way to communicate. By having a direct line to your craft workers, you’re able to assign training and send important project information directly to your workforce, increasing quality and reducing losses.

Product Walkthrough

What does it actually look like to use MindForge on a jobsite? Let us show you! Whether you’re sending alerts & announcements out to the field, assigning just-in-time training, or onboarding a new group of trade partners, MindForge turns those all-day tasks into just a few taps of a screen.

Question & Answer

Most importantly, we want to hear from you! Are you experiencing a specific problem in your organization and wondering if MindForge could help? Maybe you’re worried about how MindForge could be deployed across your organization. This is the time to get your questions answered in a friendly, low-pressure environment.

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