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Leveraging communication technology to drive job site safety

MindForge VP and co-founder Shahin Aftabizadeh discusses with Pepper Construction's Ben Ross how to use technology to improve training and protect your people and bottom line during the Indiana Safety & Health Conference.

No Company Email Needed: Jobsite Network Connects All Workers

MindForge co-founders Stokes McIntyre and Shahin Aftabizadeh discuss how their jobsite communications platform works across smartphones and other devices to everyone involved with the construction project, even if they aren’t on your payroll.

How Technology Will Enable Construction Continuity in 2021

From disrupted supply chains to shifts to remote work environments, no industry has gone untouched by the effects of COVID-19, and construction is no exception.

Why the Key to Reducing Turnover Lies in Workforce Engagement

Data from the Gallup Organization suggests that 85% of the global workforce is not engaged in their jobs, resulting in an economic consequence of approximately $7 trillion in lost productivity.

Construction industry app builds confidence among workers

MindForge technology equips construction crews to stay safe and work more efficiently.

Using the Military’s OODA Loop to Improve Construction Safety

Safety huddles that make a difference on construction projects exercise the workforce’s ability to Observe, Orient, Decide and Act quickly, effectively and safely

How a Military Mindset Can Save Lives in Construction

Making the right decision in high pressure, dangerous situations goes beyond training; it has to be a mindset that’s easily accessible and quickly deployed. Those on the frontline — both in the military and the construction industry — often have one split second to make a decision that prevents serious injuries and fatalities.

Five Ways to Keep Construction Sites Safe

Year after year, construction is ranked as one of the most dangerous jobs in America. The following construction tips will help to keep the entire organization working effectively, efficiently and above all else, safely.

How Technology is Advancing One of the Most Dangerous Jobs in America

Construction was recently listed in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in America by CNBC. So when it comes to day-to-day operations, what can construction managers do to ensure workers receive the information they need to produce quality work and stay safe on the job?

3 Ways to Improve Your Safety Record with Jobsite Tech

Construction teams face countless risks every day due to high-risk project environments, fluid workforces and a communication disconnect between the organization and its jobsite workers.

Berglund Construction Partners with MindForge’s Innovative Training Platform

For the past eight months, Berglund has worked closely with MindForge as part of a design partner program to test innovative ways to use the technology company’s new behavior-based training platform on one of our construction projects.

Software firm introduces contactless orientation platform

Construction software platform MindForge has rolled out a contactless orientation feature that allows for the safe onboarding of jobsite workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mission Possible

Behavior-based training aims to reduce risk and liability for construction managers and save as many lives as possible.

Mitigating Construction Risks with Advanced Training Techniques

Construction is consistently ranked as one of the riskiest jobs in the United States.

Central Ohio construction businesses adapt to new normal amid Covid-19

Bob Lester had been planning for a big 2020. Now, with the advent of the coronavirus pandemic, things might look different.

Exposure-based training protects construction workers, company's bottom line

From data analysis to staff scheduling and training, technology is reshaping the construction industry.

Use Exposure-Based Training to Improve Jobsite Safety

Now, more than ever, there is an increased demand for investment in quality training.

Innovating to Save Lives: How Construction Technology Reduces Jobsite Risks

Clear communication to the workers on the front line is critical.

Exposure-based training protects construction workers, company's bottom line

From data analysis to staff scheduling and training, technology is reshaping the construction industry.

Take command of your construction projects.

With the MindForge platform, you’ll connect the home office with the front line and build a culture of safety and quality, reducing the number of workers comp claims and saving you money.