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Use MindForge to deliver educational content to your field and office workforce. Load up your own content or pick from the MindForge Marketplace. Build a custom library that meets the demands of your work. Save time by delivering courses to mobile devices in the field.

Two Types of Content:

Your Content

Use MindForge to deliver jobsite updates, organization-specific content to your frontline and office workforce.

Marketplace Content

The MindForge marketplace is your one-stop-shop for powerful and engaging educational content from MindForge and our Partners.

Your Content

User Story

Your content doesn’t need to be some big production. Pull out a phone, take a video of something in the field – a safety or quality issue – create a course and send it to crews. Berglund construction uses MindForge to share the best way to do specific tasks – like drilling into stone on their restoration projects. Share knowledge quickly, to achieve performance excellence.

Thoughts From the Field

It’s easy for us to tout how awesome MindForge is… but what are real people out in the field saying about MindForge? We conducted a series of surveys and got the following feedback.

Marketplace Content

User Story

PSI wants to prepare new workers from day one and keep them aware throughout their careers. They pull content from the Marketplace to create their employee onboarding and continuing education program that addresses the hazards their workers will face on the job. They could spend thousands trying to create their own content and get bogged down in creating content. Not PSI, they use the MindForge marketplace.

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