There's a better way to communicate.

Invite your field employees, your trade partners, organize them into teams and send important safety, quality, and project information to their mobile devices.

Empower your workforce by utilizing tools that rapidly share knowledge and information.

Send Alerts + Announcements to the Field

The MindForge platform allows you to close communication gaps with quick updates pushed out to the field, taking safety and quality to the next level. Providing these real-time updates to your team can help them swiftly pivot to a new task and reduce the amount of time away from the task at hand.

Two-Way Chat Communication

Communication should go both ways. It sounds simple, but even just incorporating a two-way messaging system on your job site streamlines how you manage, train, and engage with your workers – and it’s something many construction teams can’t do right now.

Assign Just-in-Time Training

Deliver educational content to your workforce through their mobile devices. Your content library can be a combination of your own organization’s content, like site-specific orientations or how you prefer to pour concrete. Or, it could be content from the MindForge Marketplace, including courses like the Construction LifeSaver course, Scissor Lift Safety, Viral Disease Prevention, Sexual Harassment, and more.

Rapidly Onboard Employees and Trade Partners

Not all field employees are issued a company email address, and it can be a challenge to game up the contact information for your trade partners. That should not stand in the way of good communication. Onboarding codes allow you to rapidly add workers to the system so you can start communicating right away.

The Mindforge Platform

The Mindforge Platform is a suite of three digital applications designed to connect your home office to the front line.


The MF Web Portal acts as your administrative gateway into managing your organization’s profile, employee network, training and messaging centers and jobsite dashboards.


The MF Mobile App is used by workers on the job to access information, communication, training and jobsite information that is posted on the MF Web Portal.


The CLS App for mobile and desktop allows your employees to access our suite of interactive training programs, from 3D Hazard Hunts on mobile devices to virtual reality training programs on a computer.

Boost productivity and save time with MindForge.

At the core of MindForge is the connection between the worker and the organization.

“We work with a fluid, transitory workforce in an environment that can pose many different risks, so ensuring that everyone on our sites is equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to do their job safely and successfully is crucial. We believe MindForge will have a significant impact on our organizational communication, training protocol, and most importantly, the safety of our people.”

Tricia Kagerer
Executive Vice President, Jordan Foster

Don't let gaps in communication lead to a lower standard of safety and quality.

Protect your team, and protect your business. Get set up on the MindForge platform today.