Gaps in jobsite communication lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

The MindForge Platform allows you to close those communication gaps, taking safety and quality to the next level.

The MindForge Platform streamlines how you manage, train, and engage with your workers.

These services are available to you anywhere, at any time thanks to The MindForge Platform.

Employee Center

Employee Profiles
Manage your teams
Tracking & Searching

Training Center

Central location for training media
Assign and track training
Live classrooms

Communication Center

Send out announcements
Direct messages
Emergency alerts

Jobsite Center

Jobsite dashboard
Unify self perform & subs
Set training requirements

Construction LifeSaver

Library of content

The Mindforge Platform

The Mindforge Platform is a suite of four digital applications designed to connect your home office to the front line.


The MF Web Portal acts as your administrative gateway into managing your organization’s profile, employee network, training and messaging centers and jobsite dashboards.


The MF Mobile App is used by workers on the job to access information, communication, training and jobsite information that is posted on the MF Web Portal


The CLS App for mobile and desktop allows your employees to access our suite of interactive training programs, from 3D Hazard Hunts to virtual reality training programs.


The Site-Smart App gives your foremen, safety teams and superintendents the ability to capture information from the field, such as daily work logs, JHAs or on-the-job training.

Boost productivity and save time with MindForge.

At the core of MindForge is the connection between the worker and the organization.

  • Reduce losses
  • Reduce operational friction
  • Reduce need to produce duplicate content
  • Reduce retraining
  • Reduce work-stoppages
  • Increase quality
  • Increase adoption rates for initiatives

“Traditionally, training would take employees nearly eight hours—a full work day. MindForge’s platform allows us to deliver quality training to every single employee in less than two hours so they can get back to work the same day—informed, empowered and safe.”

James Downey

Senior Safety Manager | Pankow

Don't let gaps in communication lead to a lower standard of safety and quality.

Protect your team, and protect your business. Get set up on the MindForge platform today.

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